Thursday, October 19, 2006

Welcome to our site dedicated to Landon!

Welcome! This will be a work in progress but I hope to use this as our little place to house pictures of Landon for family and friends from a far to visit and see how he's growing. I plan to post pictures and updates on him.

As of today, Landon is 16 weeks old. His 4 month Dr. appt is coming up the first week of November and I look forward to seeing his growth. I bet he weighs 16-17lbs already. He's quite the eater. Right now, I am home with him as he's sick with some sort of bug. Darn daycare!

Please stop by and visit anytime! I'll do my best to keep this updated!

Take Care-


Brenda & Chad said...

oh fun...can't wait to check in for updates :-)

Carrie Smith said...

I so look forward to seeing Landon. He is very handsome and looks like a very happy boy. I sure miss those days. Enjoy him now cause they grow so fast.

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow! He sure has grown since I've seen him. I hope his ear infection gets well soon. You both are doing a wonderful job with him because he seems to be very well fed and loved! Love Ya.

Grandma R said...

Thanks so much for the pictures Court-it helps since we live soo far away and miss seeing him and his happy face.