Sunday, December 3, 2006

A weekend of FIRSTS!!!!

Hi everyone!
This weekend, I rolled over for the first time! At first, I wasn't quite sure about what had happened but wow, it was pretty fun! I also met Santa Saturday morning for the first time! That was fun. I sat on his lap and had my picture taken with him.....he was at the church so it was less crowded than the mall. Also, I had my first overnight stay with Grandpa and Grandma Hill. We had a lot of fun and I kept them guessing as to WHEN I might want to fall asleep :)
We had a nice time and they fed me well. Great Grandma Sheely was also there staying with them for the weekend so we hung out too.

Hope ya'll had a nice weekend!

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Grandma R said...

There will be many special events in your life and we are happy to share in them. It won't be long and you'll be crawling and Mom and Dad will really be busy!