Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Chillin in my new chair :)

Mom is helping me out here..but I am having fun!

Two of a kind right here.........

Just rollin' around in the grass!

This was at the lake today. What a gorgeous day!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone! Today, we went to the lake and had some nice relaxing family time by the water. Landon really enjoyed it! He is starting to have more and more "tricks" that constantly amaze Eric and I. One day, he sits pretty still and the next, he's off walking on his own with the walker! I have some video of it, I hope I can find a way to get it on here. He's also very mobile...and into everything! Eric and I are getting our exercise, that's for sure. I am off to Baltimore, MD for work on Tuesday so it's going to be some Russell male bonding time here....they will be fine and have fun together as always. I will miss Landon (and Eric too, I suppose) like the dickens. Hope everyone is doing great and tune in to the site again soon as I hope to have some recent videos up and running!!!

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