Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears...............

They play so well together :)

Running the halls in our pajamas!

Another picture??

Family photo

Group shot! Chad, Brenda, Charli, Me, Eric and Landon!

Landon wearing his new hat. Charli liked it too!

Charli had enough. She was spent!!

Well, last weekend we had a great trip to the Omaha Zoo. We met up with Chad, Brenda and Charli (link to her page to the right for more pics) and just had a blast. This was a very special and important trip. Special in that it was the FIRST time for Charli and Landon to meet and play, the first time for Eric to meet Brenda and Chad and Charli (and vise versa). It was important because Brenda and I have been trying to plan a meeting for quite a while so we were pumped!!

The kids played so well together. Of course, Brenda was more prepared than I was so she had brought lots and lots of toys and the kids did a great job playing and sharing for the most part. It was so fun watching them interact with each other. We even let them run the halls at the hotel and they really enjoyed that.

The zoo was great and the kids really liked it. We saw all kinds of animals and it was a nice (WARM) day. Hope everyone is doing well!

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Charli Ann said...

gosh, what adorable kids!!! You have some great pictures, cute of the kids playing together! I will email you the pictures so you can get what you want!

Can't wait for our next trip...I really enjoyed the weekend - and think we need to try to do something on a regular basis :-)