Monday, December 24, 2007

LOTS of catching up to do.....

We have been MIA for a while now and need to get some more pics up! I have some of getting the Christmas tree up, Landon's new toy room and what Santa brought this evening when he stopped by the house!!!

Eric and I have been working to get one of the basement rooms converted from a storage room, into a toy room for Landon to enjoy. We went with a colorful green theme (as you can see) and are quite convinced this room will be a hit when Landon see's it tomorrow morning. We worked on this after Landon went to bed for the last month or so.

Putting up the Christmas tree was a lot of fun. Landon is VERY helpful so he really wanted to be a part of that. I also included a few pictures from Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Hill's house where he received his first Tonka truck from Uncle Brad. He really enjoyes pushing that around the house.

Well, Santa as already come and gone....the stockings are full and the gifts are wrapped. We're very blessed this Holiday season with health, happiness, family, friends, love, etc. The list is endless really. 2007 has been a great year and Landon has been so much fun.

Happy Holiday's everyone and here's to a PROSPEROUS New Year in 2008!!!!!

Getting the tree decorated!

Unwrapping my first Tonka truck...

It's so big, he can ride in it!

New toy room-lots of fun to put together.

More of toy room.

What a peaceful sight........

Santa came, SANTA CAME!!!!!

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Charli Ann said...

hey there...LOVE the room, it looks adorable! Charli is going to love playing in it this summer!

The picture of the tree with L-man standing next to in (in the dark) about made me cry, looks so peaceful...what it's all about.

2007, what a great year!