Monday, March 24, 2008

LONG over-due

It's been a long time since I've posted, so not going to waste much time talking! Everyone is doing really well and Landon is growing so fast. He's Mr. Independent to say the least. He's saying so many fun things and has figured out that throwing fits puts him in the "naughty chair". Tonight alone, he was there 4 times. But, he's at that age! Wants to all! He's an absolute blast to be around and we can't believe that he's turning 2 in only a few short months.

Enjoy the pictures! HAPPY SPRING!!

Mommy and me....

FUNNY faces!

Sexy baby!!

Love to help clean :)

We have 5 Russell boys at one table....beware!

Brushing my teeth....nice hat Dad!

1 comment:

Charli Ann said...

YEAH, We have missed you Landon, good to see the pictures!! What fun pictures too, Eric you are looking good there :-)

Can't wait to see you guys, we will have to plan a trip sometime soon!!!