Monday, May 5, 2008

For Brenda!!!!

I've been a slacker! Today is my friend Brenda's Birthday and I forgot! I promised her I'd post some new pictures tonight to make up for it so these are for you Brenda!!!!! I can't believe I've gone over a month without updating.......sorry to ya'll! My brother has even been giving me grief about it.

Landon is doing great! Talking a ton, trying to work on the alphabet and numbers and his favorite things to do are play outside and read books. He's now ready for a big by bed too (since he can get out of his crib) so we're working on his NEW big boy bedroom! We just bought paint and have been working on the decor. Once we get started, I'll take some pics.

For now, enjoy these few!!!! HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!

Eating at the table, no more highchair.


He loves playing in the sink and with water.

Also, loves to read and be read to!

YO! Brad! You like my Bama shirt???


Charli Ann said...

thanks court!!! What a GREAT gift!!!!!!!

Landon, you are such a big boy - I can't believe it!!! I can't wait till you come many weeks?!!!


Karrie S. said...

I can't believe how big Landon is getting!!! I'm glad to see the new pics of the little guy! What a cutie!