Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally updating!

Happy Summer, well almost! Saturday marks the official start of Summer and we can't wait! Landon LOVES being outside and if he could, would eat, sleep and live outside I think. He would rather be outside than eat dinner, which for those who know him is odd! He's really enjoying mowing with Dad, and helping out around the house. He is Mr. Helpful! He's growing like a weed and will be turning 2 in a few weeks (July 3rd to be exact)!!!! Where did my baby go? Now I have this kid who runs around the house entertaining me!!

We have had lots of things going on lately and last weekend we took him to Grimes Funtastic days where he rode the carousel TWICE and went down the big slide with Dad, FOUR TIMES! He loved it! This weekend, Uncle Brad and Katie are back, so pool time and a family and friend BBQ will be taking place.

Next weekend, we're so excited to be heading to Columbus, NE to see a dear friend of mine Brenda, her husband Chad and daughter Charli. We're going for a visit and to participate in the Relay for Life in which little Charli is going to be honored!! We could not be more excited to go see them and take part in this fun MEANINGFUL event. I think Brenda and I plan to hit the water park with the kiddo's too--so fun times ahead! I will take pictures!

Well, enough babbling. Enjoy the pics!!


Helping Dad mow

Is that Dad's Husker hat??? GROSS!

Sitting on Grandpa's front porch with Grandpa
and cousin Skyler on Father's Day

Coolin off in the sprinkler!

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Charli Ann said...

what do you mean "GROSS" husker hat! GO HUSKERS!!

Can't wait until you make it down this weekend!!!! I am so excited...I feel like a little kid!