Sunday, September 28, 2008

GREAT weekend!

What a weekend! I had my friend Reesha's birthday party Friday night and Saturday we went to my parents to see some family visiting from Texas. My cousin Kelly is a pilot and so he flew the family up in his plane. Eric, Kelly and I went up for a plane ride yesterday and had a ton of fun! I got to sit up front with Kelly at the controls--head set and all! We flew over my parents house a bit, over the Des Moines River then over to Ames to see the ISU football stadium.

Landon loved seeing the plane! I almost took him up--but wasn't sure how he'd react so left him on the ground with my sister. Maybe next time????

Enjoy the pictures!

SO big!

The girls celebrating Reesha's birthday

Skyler and Landon checkin out the plane

Skyler and Chase

Ready for the flight!

My parents house at birds eye view

ISU football staduim

My cousin Kelly (pilot) and me (co-pilot)!
Scary, I know!

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The Preister's said...

Courtney as a copilot...never been more scared!!!