Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ready for Fall!

I can't believe another summer is ending! Football season is here and the leaves are falling!

Wanted to post a few recent pics from late Summer, and also a few from our trip to St Louis a few weekends ago. Eric had to go to Columbia and St Louis for work so we left Landon with Grandma and Grandpa Hill and had a weekend was great! It was also our first weekend we were BOTH away from Landon together.....he is TWO! I think it was long overdue.

We have some fun things coming up we're looking forward to. We're heading to Omaha soon for a weekend to meet up with Chad, Brenda and Charli at CoCo Keys hotel with the indoor water park. We're also planning to hit up a pumpkin patch while out there so I know the kids are going to have a ball. Also coming up is the ISU vs Nebraska game!! GO CYCLONES!! (hey, I do this blog....not Eric) We'll have a day of tailgating for that while we ship off Landon again.

All is going well and Landon is a ton of fun these days. A pistol at times, but fun. He's very stubborn and independent, but he's two!!!!

Cardinals vs. Marlins game

On the Budweiser Tour-they give you free beer!

My sister....aKa Aunt Traci

Summer night at Aunt Traci's house chillin

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The Preister's said...

WHOO - OMG, you updated your blog!!! I am so impressed!!!

I can't wait for the trip to Omaha! I saw a commercial for the pumpkin patch and the kids will have a blast! You better post pictures then too!!